Background information on In-Demand and the dm+d

The dictionary of medicines and devices (dm+d) has been developed by the NHS Business Services Authority (). The dm+d is an important component of the NHS national IT infrastructure, providing unique, pack level identifiers for every medicine and device available in the UK. It is now being used in applications across the NHS wherever a reference to a medicine or device is required including procurement, prescribing, patient records and reimbursement.

While the main benefit of the dm+d is to improve patient safety by reducing medication errors, both the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry have been benefiting from improved business processes.

The dm+d ensures that new medicines are listed on GP computers so that they can be prescribed straight away rather than after the months it previously took to update drug databases. Original pack dispensing will increase significantly as prescribers and dispensers select from the dm+d. The dm+d also reduces the amount of time spent by companies notifying the numerous agencies and organisations of changes.

In-Demand is a service provided by Datapharm to enable pharmaceutical companies to update the dm+d directly. It has been developed jointly with the NHSBSA to a specification agreed by them.

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