Why should you start using In-Demand?

Here are 4 simple reasons why UK pharmaceutical companies should start using In-Demand:

  1. Replace your letters to the NHSBSA with an on-line system. This ensures your product changes and new product information get to the right person at the NHSBSA and is acted on quickly.
  2. Simple on-line screens prompt you to complete all the information that is needed by the NHSBSA and the NHS clinical systems. This removes the uncertainty of what information to send to the NHSBSA and makes sure your data is as comprehensive as possible for potential prescribers.
  3. Track each change you’ve requested, receive regular feedback and know when the information has been added to the dm+d database.
  4. The dm+d is being used by NHS and GP computer systems for electronic prescribing. In-Demand is a fast and efficient way to get new products and changes added to the dm+d. This will ensure your new medicines and pack sizes are listed on GP computers and can be prescribed straight away as an original pack.

We also provide free training sessions on In-Demand. For more information and dates, please email us on servicedesk@medicines.org.uk

What do people think of In-Demand?

"I thought In-Demand sounded complicated, but it’s really simple to use."

"A very good system, which is far more efficient than the paper method."

"It’s really quick to make a product change, as all the existing data is pre-populated."

"A really useful tool."

"It is very user friendly."

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